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Do you want a new level of emotional connection, fulfillment, energy and enthusiasm in your life? Through his most personal teachings, Josh has taught hundreds of people how to implement CHANGE, then master it, sustain it, and build REAL momentum in their life.  He offers advanced online training courses like the 12-week Self-Mastery Program and works with people 1-on-1 in his private coaching practice to teach people how to Re-Invent themselves, offering a step-by-step process to achieving your goals, change your life, and reach your full potential ... faster.


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Private Coaching Practice

Josh works with his clients 1-on-1 on a monthly or bi-weekly basis in person or over the phone. 

His coaching techniques are rooted in a combination of eastern philosophy, modern neurosciences, and psychology. Through this coaching journey you will start with inner transformation then move to creating a rich and meaningful life. He will help you overcome challenges you're dealing with, and/or create a result you're looking for.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step in the right direction"

Personal Fitness Training

No two fitness goals are exactly alike. That is why we offer personalized fitness and nutrition programs that are expertly designed to help you reach your physique, performance, or strength goals. The easiest way to get to the next level is to get a coach and an individually designed program. We have been trained to find the most efficient and safest path to getting results in the fastest way possible

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Meet Josh

Josh Guerrero is a personal development expert, sports/fitness performance trainer, self-help coach and sought after advisor in areas of fulfillment, mindfulness, and healing from trauma. His passion for studying the mind came after years of living a successful, but extremely stressful life. His passion for self-development and spiritual growth have played a tremendous role in his own development along with his clients and followers.

Despite having to first live on his own at 15, he has overcome many obstacle to make his dreams come true and now spends his life showing others how to do the same. One of his biggest messages is that we all have the ability to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life regardless of our past or circumstances.

"I thought there was no way I could ever find someone to help me feel the way that I do now about my life and myself. I was stuck in the past and beating myself up for my past mistakes. Josh has been through it all and it was nice knowing that I am not alone in this crazy ass world. I can honestly say I am no longer the girl that first walked through his doors 4 months ago. I have never felt better and proud of myself to go through this journey of self growth."

Kelsey Gonzales
Wellness Specialist & Server

"I have nothing but praise for Josh as both a coach and mentor -- I have gotten more insights and practical steps to take from him than from any therapists or counselors from the past."

CJ Johnson
College Professor

"Before working with Josh I was scared and unsure of what direction my life was taking. I've always felt very insecure in every aspect of my life. Josh helped me overcome my anxiety and insecurities. I now have a clear vision of the person I aspire to be. I feel more in control of my life as opposed to having the victim mentality that I previously held. He has made a huge impact on my life and personal development. I cannot thank him enough! I will continue to work with Josh for as long as I am able to!"

Karla Gutierrez
College Student

"Josh's coaching has helped me tremendously. Meeting regularly was great and I really valued that he could meet me where I was at each week. What meant the most was that I was able to explain my thoughts and what I was struggling with and he was able to pinpoint what it was that was holding me back from allowing myself to experience joy and happiness."

Hope Mangiafico
Entrepreneur & Wellness Expert

"Before I started working with Josh, I had lots of stress, lack of discipline, loss of confidence, and a ton of frustration directed toward myself. I had lost track of what it meant to live a balanced life. I was no longer happy. Working with Josh has been a complete eye opener and great experience. Everything that IPAC has to offer is truly life changing, and should be experienced by everyone."

Janro Macatangay
Marketing & Social Media Consultant

"My biggest hurdle prior to signing up for coaching with Josh was with my business structure and organization. I am now having great success with clients! I signed up with Josh to help me with everything behind the scenes that would add value to me as a coach and improve my efficiency. The frameworks that Josh has taught me greatly improved my skills as a business owner."

Aaron Glen-Sealey
Entrpreneur, Srength & Conditioning Coach

Self-Mastery Course

Your path to Energy, Joy, and Fulfillment. Learn the skills to master your thoughts and emotions.


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